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Should I Pay Off All My Debts Before I Buy A Home?

Should I Pay Off All Of My Debts Before I Buy A Home?

Have you asked yourself the question, should I pay off all of my debts before I buy a home?  This seems to be a situation that keeps appearing with some of our clients. They plan on buying a home and decide to pay off all of their credit cards and any kind of … Read More...

fha mortgage changes 2015

FHA Mortgage Changes 2015

FHA mortgage changes are coming September 15, 2015.  It's very important that you familiarize yourself with these changes and know how they might affect you if you are in the market for an FHA home loan. Here is the list of changes: Credit Hud now … Read More...

Why Is It Important to Know How to Freeze My Credit

Why Is It Important To Know How To Freeze My Credit?

One of the most important things you can do when you’re not looking at any kind of financing is to put a freeze on your credit. We have a lot of clients that ask “How do I freeze my credit?” Some people may think this is something only for people who are … Read More...

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