Are 100% Financing Home Loans Still Available?

100% Financing Home LoansEveryone wants to know if 100% financing home loans are still available.  The good news is yes they are still out there!  The bad news is, there are not near as many options out there for these as there were 3 years ago.  With that being said, there are still a few great programs out there with 100% financing for those who qualify.

In today’s episode Don Carriker answers this all too common question.  If you are in the market to buy a house or if you are not sure if you would even qualify, then this video is for you.  Understand what is available and what your options are before you start the process.  Just remember, knowledge is power.

Be sure to check out the takeaways below after you watch the video.

Here are some takeaways from this video:

  • What 100% financing home loans are still available?
  • What does it take to qualify for these types of loans?
  • What’s the catch?
  • Are rates a lot higher?
  • What are closing costs?

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How important is 100% financing for you on your next home loan?  As a home buyer, did you know about these 100% financing options?  We love feedback and would like to hear your thoughts on 100% financing.  Please leave your comments below.

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